Basement Remodeling: the Backbone of Your Home

Where do I start?

               The reality for many of us is a musty, dusty basement whose only source of traffic is the occasional toss down the steps of some old junk you don’t want to look at anymore. Basements are often the sore thumb of your home. Hardly ever visited and taking up all that space! Reclaim your space and sanity with a basement remodel and watch your investment soar! Not only does a finished basement add value to your home, it creates an entirely new space to work with. The options are endless. Maybe you need extra room for entertaining guests? A family game room, or the perfect space for a quiet cozy movie night! Or perhaps what you’re lacking is a neat and inviting laundry space that’s free and clear from the rest of the home. Stop walking past that basement door with an “out of sight out of mind” attitude and open the door on a new chapter for your home.

What should I do now?

                Once you’ve decided to take the leap, you may be thinking “what’s next?”. First you need to decide what you intend to use the space for. Do you want it to be a fully functioning living space? Are you just looking for some fresh drywall and paint? It’s important to determine if you will need new plumbing or electric installed as well. There are some extra precautions to take during a basement remodel. It’s absolutely critical to perform a Radon test before beginning your project. Radon is a radioactive gas that is odorless, and therefore impossible to detect without a professional. This gas seeps into your structure through foundational cracks; and detecting this problem early on can prevent unwanted expenses and repairs in the future.  Ensure your sump pump has a back-up battery to prevent unwanted water damage to your newly renovated space. If there are no windows in your basement be sure to have an egress window installed for an emergency exit. These few simple steps will save you time and money!

Leave no stone unturned!

                Be sure to keep in touch with your contractor and ask questions when they arise. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind! This will be a space completely unique to you and it’s important that you are satisfied with the finished project. Making the decision to remodel your basement adds incredible value to your home and years of enjoyment in a space you created! If you chose to completely remodel your basement with a full bath and kitchen; you can even turn a profit by choosing to sublet the space! Basements cover such a large area of our homes and, more often than not, we choose to close the door and ignore the space. Reclaim that space and make it work for you!

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