The Top 3 Kitchen Design Trends of 2021

If you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen this year and want to stay on trend listed below are a few of our favorite kitchen design trends of 2021. This year the focus was on functionality, versatility, and saving space. Open concept kitchens are becoming more and more popular and with this new trend comes the challenge of balancing open space and storage.

Utility/Mud Rooms

The utility room is a staple for large busy families. A designated place dedicated to household cleanliness. Keep your washer and dryer out of sight as well as mops, brooms, vacuums, and all the other necessary things for maintaining your home that you don’t necessarily want on display. These rooms have laminate or tile flooring for easy maintenance and usually feature a basin style sink as well. This provides an easy to use cleaning station away from your kitchen sink.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves offer you a space to showcase your style. It gives the room an open and inviting appeal. Whether you are displaying décor or storing appliances they are so versatile and handy. Have your kitchen go-to’s at an arm’s reach whenever you need them. Plants are also trending right now and what better way to display them than an elegant floating shelf!


Organization is a key element in a beautiful functional kitchen. You want to balance design and ease of use. Installing a pantry offers this perfect blend by designating a place for food storage. Everything is in the same place which means no more running from cabinet to cabinet trying to remember where you stuck that bag of flour. Installing a pantry can free up entire walls of cabinetry leaving you to decide how to utilize the new space and making it more personal to you.

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